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Amninderpal Singh Virk, better known as Ammy Virk, is a Punjabi singer who was born on 11th May 1992. This young artist was born in Nabha City, Punjab. After learning that singing was his real passion, he chose music his career. Since 2011, Ammy Virk has been working on successful songs that have won the hearts of tons of fans all over the world. Over a short period of just two years, Ammy Virk produced three thriving singles which include ik pal, Yaar Amli, and Jatt Da Sahara all of which grasped the attention of young punjabi folks internationally. In addition to his a singles, he came out with an album called Jattizm which released in 2013. Songs such as Adhoore Chaa, Date, Bullet Vs. Chammak Challo, and Fan of Babbu Mann all earned lots of love. Ammy Virk’s Facebook page has also peaked over one million likes from fans all over the world. He is making his way up the ladder of success with the unique voice that he has been blessed with and will continue to do so with all the love of his fans.


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